What Makes Logic’s House So Special?

Rappers are known for showing off their wealth in the wildest ways, from the cars they drive to the clothes they wear to the homes they live in. When it comes to living quarters, Maryland-born rapper Logic is no different. Let’s take a closer look at Logic’s house and what sets it apart from other rappers.

The Details of Logic’s House

Logic showed his home off to most of the world in a 2017 video he posted on his own personal gaming YouTube account. (Warning: he does use some adult language in the video) It’s a far cry from his hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland, set up in Tarzana, Los Angeles. As is fitting for a person who loves games, it’s fitting that Logic’s house is what he calls a “game house.” Not only does he have a gaming set up that any gamer would dream of, including modern consoles and classic arcade games, he also has some added recreational features, like a pool table.

Some other unique facets of Logic’s home include his gold albums, a picture with Nardwuar, his framed first million-dollar check, and a basement studio. In the video, he makes it clear that he doesn’t take this house or good fortune for granted.

“Five years ago, I was in Maryland and I didn’t have anything. And now I’m here and I have everything… I think a lot of people get comfortable when they have a lot of things. But for me, it makes me work even harder to keep it. That’s why I’m just really blessed that I’m here… This is everything I could’ve ever wanted.”

What Paid for Logic’s House

Logic has a good point here, in that this is quite a turnaround for him humble beginnings as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, born in 1990. Logic’s parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol, but even after being kicked out of high school, he managed to stay out of serious trouble before starting his music career in 2009. He released three mixtapes, but it was his fourth, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, that got him critical acclaim and a record deal in 2013 with Def Jam.

To date, he’s released three studio albums, starting with Under Pressure in October 2014. This debuted at number four on the U.S. Billboard 200 and went certified gold. His second album, The Incredible True Story, was certified gold as well, selling around 185,000 copies. His third album, Everybody, came out in 2017 and was his most successful foray yet, with 247,000 album-equivalent units. The album also gave him his first top 10 international single, “1-800-273-8255.” This hit number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

So what does all that mean for Logic’s bank account? Today, he commands a net worth of approximately $8 million. When you’re making money like that, something like Logic’s house sounds pretty affordable indeed. If you’re interested in seeing Logic in action, check out where his next concert is going to be and get some tickets with LEA.


10 Weird Facts About Rynearson Stadium

Hey there, sports fans! If you’ve ever been to Eastern Michigan then you’ve probably seen the mighty Rynearson Stadium. Home of the Eastern Michigan Eagles, this awe-inspiring stadium has been the site of many victories over its long history.

In preparation for a football season that will be a blast, here are 10 weird facts about Rynearson Stadium.

  1. Rynearson stadium broke ground in 1968, but wasn’t completed until late September 1969. That means it’s on its 50th season next year!
  2. The name Rynearson comes from the late, great football coach Elton J. Rynearson, who died in February 1967. He retired as Eastern Michigan University’s athletic director in 1963.
  3. The very first game played in the stadium was on September 27, 1969 when the home team thrashed the University of Akron 10-3. This was a surprise victory, and in the next game on October 25 Eastern Michigan lost 17-7 to the University of Tampa. You can’t win ‘em all!
  4. The original construction cost back in the 1960s was only $1.4 million dollars. But before you get out your check book, that’s roughly $93 million dollars in today’s money!
  5. The stadium has been renovated substantially. In 1992, the seats were expanded south from each grandstand to create a U-shape. This increased the size of the overall stadium. A year earlier, the real grass had been torn out and replaced with turf – which it still is today.
  6. When real grass was replaced with artificial turf known as StadiaTurf in 1992, it was upgraded to FieldTurf in 2005 and then changed to a grey FieldTurf in 2014 – making Rynearson Stadium one of only six Division I FBS stadiums with a non-traditional field color
  7. The original seating capacity was 15,500, but it didn’t stay that way for long! Only 5 short years later it was upgraded to 22,227 seats and lighting was built for night games. But don’t get too comfy, because things changed yet again in 2006 when the capacity was once again increased to 30,200. That’s a whole lot of football fans! The new seats were added on the east size, and the scoreboard was also expanded. 
  8. With all this talk about capacity, I bet you’re dying to know if it’s ever been full. Well, the largest attendance ever recorded for an Eastern Michigan University game at Rynearson stadium was 26,188. That’s pretty darn near full – an 87% capacity! And luckily, EMU won that game with a 56-52 squeaker over Central Michigan.
  9. Over its 45+ years in operation, Rynearson stadium has hosted over 2 million fans in total! Isn’t that incredible? For half that time, it’s averaged more than 11,000 in attendance per home game and the 1995 season was a real record-breaker.
  10. Into quick stats? Here are some fun ones: The field has 86,336 square feet of field turf on top of 268 tons of sand and 224,474 lbs. of rubber. On top of that are another 35,535 lbs. of rubber pellets. And here’s another fun one: each yard-line number on the field is 6 feet tall!

That’s all we’ve got for you today on the topic of football fun at Rynearson Stadium. But don’t forget, if you ever want to catch an Eagles Game at Rynearson, or any other sports game near you, check out Lea! She’s your Concert, Sports & Theater Ticket Live Event Assistant. Never miss a live event again, and save $20 off your first purchase when you try her out now!

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