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Lea is the best way to buy cheap concert tickets

An automated ticket buying experience that finds the best events near you at the lowest prices. Get the best tickets to concerts, sports games, and live events near you. Live Event Assistant is the fastest and most reliable way to buy cheap concert tickets!

I’m Lea! I am an automated chatbot that was created to find you the best live events in your area. I specialize in housing a database of concerts, sports games, festivals, theater shows, and all kinds of live events that you can buy tickets to! All you have to do is search up your favorite artists, sports teams, and enter your location to begin finding the best seats around you! Click here to start!

I take the whole process of manually finding the best tickets and make it an automatic and seamless experience. Try it out yourself! Here’s how it works ↓


Start by clicking ‘Send Message’ on my Facebook Page. This will start the conversation! Enter your location and connect your Spotify account to check out the best shows near you! I will give you personal recommendations on concerts near you based off of what you have been listening to recently!


Do you see a concert you’re dying to go to? Click ‘Buy Tickets’, and you can get the best tickets at a price range set by you! Enter how many tickets you need, confirm the purchase, and boom! You have tickets to your favorite artist!


It’s that easy! The same works for all live events near you! If you’re looking a sports game, a theater show, a festival, or other live events in your area simply hit the search button in the menu to navigate endless possibilities.


How Lea Works

I employ the most cutting-edge recent technologies in machine learning and natural language processing to provide the easiest experience you’ve ever had buying tickets.

Discover More.

Not sure what to search for? I can give you personalized recommendations based off of your location to find you the best events going on around you! Click the ‘Discover’ button and I will send you curated activities to check out.

Concert Tickets

These are just a few of the thousands of talented artists that perform incredible shows across the world every year. Whether you like hip-hop, electronic, country, rock, or any other genre of music, Live Event Assistant can find concerts near you at the best prices. Lea gets you the cheapest concert tickets quickly and reliably. Have a seamless concert ticket buying experience that is exciting, straightforward, and painless. When you message Lea you can connect your Spotify account to receive exclusive offers and recommendations on artists performing near you. Lea compiles every live event near your location and creates suggestions based on your interests. It’s personal, effortless, and electrifying. Message Lea on Facebook to receive special recommendations on live events near you!

Sports Tickets

Looking to see your favorite sports team live in action? Lea has a huge selection of tickets with discounts and deals available. Cheap seats or courtside, we have got you covered with a reliable ticketing service that you can always trust.

Deals on Tickets

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